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moonswing's Journal

a world in a [BOX] - icons for everyone
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Animated icon above is Tsuji and Kago from the music video Miss Love Tantei - if you don't know who "W" is, check them out!

[WHAT I DO] Basically anything from a fandom or interest I partake in that possibly gets little or no attention in the icon world. I tend to avoid SUPER popular things (like Harry Potter, Lost, etc.), as these are usually plentiful in supply, but if I really want to I'll do it anyway ;)

[AFFILIATE WITH] spiderlegss twistedcuteness

[DISCLAIMER] I am always experimenting and always learning, so some icons will be better than others, especially when it comes to personal taste. This is especially true of my early entries. If for any reason you find an icon ugly, think it needs work, etc. I ask that you PLEASE let me know. Leave feedback, review, whatever. I need your help in order to improve.

[ICON TAGS] 80s american girl anime barbie busu no hitomi ni koishiteru cartoons christmas da! da! da! danny phantom disney ducktales dungeons and dragons easter fairly oddparents felicity fraggle rock garfield ghost hunters halloween hey arnold hime-chan no ribbon holidays hugga bunch i'm gonna be an angel inuyasha jimmy neutron kaze hikaru kim possible kirarin revolution lady lovely locks magic users club morning musume muppet babies nadia: secret of blue water nintendo ouran high school host club peanuts pee wee's playhouse pokemon punky brewster rainbow brite rugrats sabrina the teenage witch shoujo sims 2 slayers spirited away spring strong medicine summer tenchi muyo thanksgiving trigun the weekenders valentine's day

[RESOURCES] (because sometimes there are things I just can't create myself) facking_icons, cooloring, toybirds, babliz, seriouslywir, urbanstrokes, misssnoopy25, _madika555, mrs6, mayush17, pink_1lady, SwearToShakeItUp & DreamWorld & IllusionofPerfection (at DeviantArt), dustypaper, cielo_gris